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Duke Nukem Begins: What we want to see

Here's our list but what do YOU want?

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This may have worked if Duke had said, "Screw your damn puzzle" and then proceeded to blow a hole in the wall. But he just carries on doing the puzzle. We want Duke Begins to return to the roots of the franchise and break the rules of conventionality once more without being obnoxious and stay clear of the COD-styled modern FPS formulae.


The multiplayer in Duke Nukem Forever was a little lacklustre to say the least, seeming more like an afterthought than anything else.

But there are plenty of reasons why Duke has a great potential to stand out as an quirky alternative to the standard FPS multiplayer market.

Things like shrink rays, freeze rays, and chain guns give Duke Nukem the potential to standout. However, both the aiming and balance issues from Forever really need to be addressed.


Similarly, interesting takes on standard multiplayer modes such as Capture the Babe could prove to be popular as long as adequate time is invested to iron out the buggy and annoying gameplay that plagued Duke Nukem Forever.

Many will disagree, but we loved previous titles such as 'Critical Mass', 'Time to Kill' and 'Zero Hour' that showcased great third-person perspectives.

One thing we quite fancy seeing is a mix of both first-person and third-person action, particularly in multiplayer, something that the Perfect Dark 360 remake did rather well.


Duke Nukem Forever simply wasn't that fun and its failure owes itself to the fact that the franchise's best bits were either seriously underplayed or not included at all.

One highlight of Duke has always been the level of interaction on offer, particularly in Duke Nukem 3D. In Forever though, mini-games had an air of the late 90's about them, were continuously unresponsive and bland.

The game was also crammed with repetitive turret sections, uninspired boss battles and wave after wave of irritating cronies that were often frustratingly difficult to beat, causing you to die every 20 or 30 seconds.

But perhaps worst of all was that Duke's trademark jetpack didn't even make an appearance in Forever's campaign. The tool that in previous instalments enabled the player to fly around the environment and locate hidden areas was nowhere to be seen.

It's perhaps obvious then that we want Duke Begins to have plenty of fun jetpack sections, hidden achievements, secret unlockables, responsive mini games, extensive weaponry, improved gameplay, new environments, new enemies. New everything!

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