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Pokémon: 'Massive shock announcement' next week

Pokémon director Junichi Masuda to make the announcement on Japanese TV

Pokémon firm Game Freak will make a 'massive shock announcement' on Japanese television next week.


That's according to the official summary for next week's episode of Japanese Pokémon show, Pokémon Smash.

The hosting TV network, TV Tokyo, says in its rundown of highlights for next week's show that Game Freak's Pokémon director Junichi Masuda will make an appearance to reveal the 'shock announcement'.

No further details were given, but the episode airs on September 18 - next Sunday - so there's not long to wait.

Speculation points to the possibility of a new game - a new main series quest for 3DS in an ideal world - but we wouldn't count on it.

Nintendo's 3DS press conference is on September 13. Could something Pokémon-related be in store?