Iron Brigade gets new content for EU release, DLC confirmed

Double Fine 's XBLA mech shooter formerly known as 'Trenched'

Double Fine Productions is gearing up to release its Xbox Live Arcade shooter Trenched in Europe later this month, revealing it'll get a name change and new content for its EU launch.


The game's title will change - not just in UK but globally - to 'Iron Brigade'. This was apparently necessary in the EU, and has in turn made it necessary in US via an update so that players can play with each other online.

The name change will come in addition to a new survival mode, played on the African Hospital level, and a bunch of new unlocks including weapons, costumes and gestures.

Additional downloadable content is also in the pipeline although the developer held off putting a date on its release.

Trenched released in US in June. The EU launch is set for 'September'.