Suda 51's Black Knight Sword gets new trailer

Side-scrolling action in Grasshopper's PSN/XBLA contender

Grasshopper Manufacture has released a new trailer for Dark Knight Sword, the side-scrolling PSN and XBLA action game from No More Heroes creator Goichi 'Suda 51' Suda that was very quietly announced last month.

Black Knight Sword is described as an "interactive Kamishibai", which is a paper drama similar to traditional puppet theatre. From the looks of the trailer, in terms of gameplay it will be familiar to anyone experienced in the ways of Castlevania or Metroid.

As the developer explains: "Black Knight Sword is a fresh, modern and interactive interpretation of a dark fantasy fairy tale: The Black Knight is led by the sword fairy through a whimsical world of eye-catching environments filled with curious looking creatures, only to discover who really caused the nightmare tragedy that he now finds himself trapped in..."

Check out the trailer below.

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