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Dead Island: Gruesome pretender or guilty pleasure?

Share your opinion on this week's UK No. 1

Dead Island's rotten zombie horde is officially free to roam UK streets, and despite some very mixed reviews the public have voted with their wallets and ensured Techland's hack n' slash RPG arrives at No. 1 in the UK Chart.


Now that you can cast proper judgement on those 3 out of 10 and indeed, 9.5 review scores then, we're calling on CVG readers to cast their own verdicts on Dead Island in the comments section below.

Is it closer to 9.5 than 3/10? Is it really that buggy on PC? And that infamous CGI announce trailer - does the actual game approach anywhere near its promise?

Share your words with us - we've got Chart Track proof that you went out and spent money on zombies this weekend.