Mario Tennis 3DS, new games confirmed

Plus a new Fire Emblem for the 3D handheld

Nintendo has just confirmed Mario Tennis and Fire Emblem for 3DS, among other new titles, during its pre-TGS conference in Japan.

The whole thing was in Japanese so details in our kind of talk are scant for now, but we did manage to grasp the words 'gyro sensor' when Mario Tennis was on-screen, so assume motion controls will be an option.

Fire Emblem will apparently be the first in the series to allow for co-op play. Sweet.

Monster Hunter 4 was also revealed, showing an epic action scene in which the leading hero fought with a dragon before fleeing the beast up a cliff. It was all very cinematic.

Other new games mentioned include Monster Hunter 4, Ace Combat 3D: Cross Rumble, Dynasty Warriors, and a couple of SD Gundam: G-Generation 3D and another Gundam game.