Video: Mario Kart 7 gets Metal Mario, first-person mode

Nintendo confirms December 2 release date

Nintendo's unleashed new Mario Kart 7 3DS media, along with new details on the game's first-person and StreetPass modes.


During its Nintendo 3DS Conference last night, the platform holder revealed Mario Kart 7 automatically exchanges player ghost data when other Nintendo 3DS systems nearby, allowing you to virtually race against other players.

Mario Kart 7 players will also be able to use StreetPass ghost data to find players during online play, Nintendo said.

The most striking new detail from the new TGS media is the first-person mode, which allows players to steer using the 3DS gyroscope.

Metal Mario - who is indeed a new character and not an item affect - and Lakitu - who's finally jumping off his cloud and in to the race - were also confirmed as additional characters.

Mario Kart 7 will release on December 2 in Europe, Nintendo confirmed.

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