Red 3DS hits Europe this month as sales top 1 million

New colour releasing on this side of the pond ahead of highly anticipated games

Nintendo will launch "a new metallic red" 3DS in Europe on September 30, which we're assuming is the "flame red" model previously released in Japan and the States.


The company said the product is being released to "celebrate the sale of more than one million" 3DS systems across Europe, an internal sell through estimate as of August 14.

The news came as Nintendo announced the upcoming launch of a "misty pink" 3DS in Japan, and European launch dates for two of the portable's most anticipated games. Super Mario 3D Land will debut in Europe on November 18, while Mario Kart 7 will be available on December 2.

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The platform holder also said 3DS owners will be able to record 3D videos beginning this November.