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3DS won't hit annual sales target - analysts

Will probably fall 16 percent below Nintendo's yearly forecast, say industry watchers

3DS sales are likely to come in 16 percent under Nintendo's annual target of 16 million units, based on the average estimate of four analysts surveyed by Bloomberg News.


That's despite a significant global price cute introduced in mid-August, less than six months after the system first debuted in Japan.

Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter thinks annual 3DS sales could be as low as ten million units, although Tokyo-based Macquarie analyst David Gibson expects Nintendo to sell 14.5 million units this fiscal year.

"It's difficult to achieve 16 million, especially considering" the sales figure in the US, said Gibson.

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Koichi Ogawa, a portfolio manager at Daiwa SB Investments in Tokyo, said "Nintendo should consider embracing social networks, even though it's going to be a latecomer. Even with the price cut, it's hard to lure consumers as various platforms including the iPhone and iPad are available now. Those people won't use 3DS to play cards or mah- jongg."

Nintendo's stock fell five percent following this morning's pre-TGS conference as the company failed to be win over investors with new product announcements, including Monster Hunter 4 for 3DS and launch details for the portable's controversial second circle pad peripheral.

[ SOURCE: Bloomberg ]