3DS circle pad expansion comes with... a wrist-strap?

More confusion surrounds Nintendo peripheral

If you thought the idea of clamping a second circle pad to the side of your 3DS was odd, then watch out. It gets even more perplexing.


Our go-to detective Shakes Malloy whipped out his digital magnifying glass only moments ago to uncover Nintendo's intention to include a wrist-strap with the chunky extension.

The peripheral's release date and price was revealed at Nintendo's 3DS Conference earlier today with photographs later emerging of the device in the wild.

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If you have a good old peer at the blurb inside the circle pad extension you can make out that it says "Attach the wrist strap to the 3DS and wear it when using this accessory."

Baffling. As for Shakes, he's gone to investigate a business tycoon who's cheating the tax man. All in a day's work.