Lumines Vita: 'This will be to Vita what the original was to PSP'

Q discusses first details on Electronic Symphony

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I'd like this soundtrack to stand shoulder to shoulder with the likes of the Wipeout 2097 and Rez soundtracks. That's my mission. Of course the electronic landscape is too far and wide for us to collect in one game alone, but the blend of music we've collected is a mix of electronic classics, and indie artists who deserve to have their music heard. I really hope gamers enjoy the music.

In a market so dominated by mobile gaming, what persuaded you to back Sony's device?

Any platform launch is a great place to either launch a new IP or revive a classic one. Since the original Lumines is so synonymous with the PSP launch, we felt that the time was right to restore Lumines to prominence with the VITA. Plus, the simple answer is that the power of the hardware lets us do things that no other handheld could before. Our goal is to make Lumines: Electronic Symphony an audio-visual showcase for the VITA.

After your strong association with the PSP, can we expect a long relationship between Q and Vita?

It'd be great if we could continue to create new, innovative games for the system. A lot of analysts have been skeptical about the VITA's prospects, because so many people are gaming on their iPhones and Androids now. But I think there's still room for dedicated gaming systems. I hope the VITA thrives despite the emergence of smartphones, because I really think its the perfect gaming system.

It offers a beautiful high-def screen, it's powerful, it's portable, and it's got all the modern bells and whistles you expect -- dual analog sticks, touchscreens, Wi-Fi, 3G, etc. In terms of a handheld gaming system it's great and I think that everyone who loves games would really enjoy the VITA. If those ingredients lead to success, then I think you'll see more from Q Entertainment on the system.

If this is a success, would you consider Every Extend/Gunpey updates in the future?

You can never say never, but if I had to guess, I would probably say that our time with those particular games has run its course. Those IPs belong to other people, and it makes better business and creative sense for us to explore creating new things. Personally I loved both of those games on PSP, especially the Gunpey game. But the future for Q lies in change and growth. That's the course you can expect us to take.

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