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FIFA 12 demo video: Man City vs. Arsenal

The Citizens show great guile against The Gunners

The FIFA 12 demo hit Xbox Live yesterday and lands on PSN today but, with demand high, you may find yourself queuing in the tunnel for quite some time.

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Don't worry though, we got our hands on the demo last night and immediately set up a fixture between FIFA 12 poster boys Manchester City and real-life strugglers Arsenal.

The in-game Gunners proved to be a bit more cerebral on the virtual turf than their fleshy counterparts, however in a worthy battle with valiant City. With full match commentary here's Martin Tyler and Alan Smith:

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For those of you still out in the cold and concerned about the buzz sweeping the net of complicated new mechanics, we've got that covered too.

Have a look at the in-game tutorial so that you're fully warmed up for when you do finally walk out onto the pitch:

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