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Street Fighter X Tekken: 4 minutes of gameplay

New characters and game modes shown off in TGS trailer

Capcom's sent over an incredibly weighty Street Fighter X Tekken trailer from TGS with over four minutes of gameplay footage.


New characters and game modes are shown off including the mental looking Scramble Mode where four players appear to go at it all at once.

We can see a quick descent into button mashing for that one.

Also teased is the game's story, which is centered around a mysterious artifact called 'Pandora'. According to the trailer it responds to the energy of fighters. Long story short it means evil/shadow version of each character will be playable.

The trailer ends with another plug for Street Fighter X Tekken on PlayStation Vita.

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You can get all the details we have so far on the Vita version from the initial announcement in June, and producer Yoshinori Ono's teasing of a new feature for the handheld version soon after.