GTA series has shipped 114 million

GTA IV outstrips San Andreas with 22 million units shipped

We know the Grand Theft Auto series has been insanely popular over the years, but how popular? Take-Two has released some up-to-date figures.


According to Take-Two boss Strauss Zelnick during a talk at ThinkEquity's annual Growth conference, the Grand Theft Auto series has shipped a massive 114 million units.

Showing no signs of fatigue, the latest game in the series, GTA IV, has shipped 22 million to date - which is half a million more than GTA: San Andreas on PS2 managed by the time GTA IV arrived.

GTA is the firm's overwhelmingly dominant series, but several others have figures to be proud of. The Midnight Club series has shipped 18.5 million, NBA2K has done 17m, Red Dead Redemption has snuck past 12.5m, Civilization is at 11m, BioShock tops 9m, Carnival Games hits 8m, Max Payne sits on 7.5m, Mafia has passed 5m, Borderlands is 4.5 and the Darkness is down there on 1m.

GTA V is expected to release next year and Max Payne 3 (which impressed with its first trailer today) will be out in March.

[ SOURCE: Industry Gamers ]