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Updated PSN terms of service feature a 'no suing Sony' clause

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PlayStation Network members are being asked to agree to revised terms of service as Sony looks to cut down on the number of lawsuits brought against the company.


As spotted by Kotaku, the new terms of service user agreement - which must be signed in order to access the PSN - requires users to agree not to take Sony to court.

It reads: "Other than those matters listed in the Exclusions from Arbitration clause (small claims), you and the Sony Entity that you have a Dispute with agree to seek resolution of the Dispute only through arbitration of that Dispute in accordance with the terms of this Section 15, and not litigate any Dispute in court. Arbitration means that the Dispute will be resolved by a neutral arbitrator instead of in a court by a judge or jury."

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The terms of service also seek to block class action suits against Sony, meaning group actions won't be heard and disputes will have to be settled one-on-one with the platform holder.

There is however an opt-out clause tucked away within the legal speak, but it requires you to write to Sony within 30 days of signing the agreement in order to retain your rights to litigation.

Multiple lawsuits have been brought against Sony since PS3's release, most notably over April's PSN hack and breach of customers' personal information.

[ SOURCE: Kotaku ]