New PlayStation Suite serves Android/Vita games in one

New PS Suite this November offers easy multiplatform access to developers

Sony will release a new PlayStation Suite SDK (software development kit) this November that will allow developers to create games and apps that work across all PlayStation-certified devices.


These range from the Xperia Play phone and other Android devices right up to the new PlayStation Vita handheld.

"PS Suite is an initiative solution to deliver the world of PlayStation to Android based portable devices," says Sony. "Through PS Suite SDK, content developers can create content for PlayStation Certified (PS Certified) devices, hardware certified through the PS Suite license program, as well as for PlayStation Vita (PS Vita)."

The C#-based programming tools will allow developers to create not just games, but other content that's distributed to all platforms at no extra cost, as Sony explains: "By supporting development for multiple devices and by adopting libraries to create a variety of content not only limited to games, PS Suite SDK will not only help developers save their cost in creating new content but also allow them to efficiently create their content on one SDK and without having to create on several different SDKs."

From the end of October Sony will also begin pushing content from the PlayStation Store to PS Suite devices, starting with PSone games. And by next spring, it says the PS Store itself will be optimised for PS Suite devices.