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CVG's Heroes and Villains of the Week

Our champs and chumps of the past seven days...

Every truly great era has winners and losers; goliaths and gargoyles. And the video games industry in the week commencing Monday, September 12 is no different.

Yes it's that time again, when we name our heroes and villains. It's a dreaded day for some and a joyous celebration for others. We hope, however, it's both equally binding and harrowing for everyone.

Here we go.



Who? GAMEfest
Why? For a successful first outing

We didn't really know what to expect when retailer GAME first announced that it was going to run a video games show at Birmingham NEC. But the firm's come up trumps, with over 30,000 people expected to turn up over the next three days, and a promise that it'll be back next year.

And that's not all - with the first UK public hands-on opportunity of MW3, Batman: Arkham City, RAGE and plenty more besides, we can hardly accuse them of scrimping on the content. Bravo. See you in 2012.


Who? You. And you. And you.
Why? For making the Golden Joysticks a record-breaker already

One million. It's the golden number. And all of you lot have hit it, in the only currency that really matters: love*. As in, love for voting.

The Golden Joysticks has already received six figures-worth of your opinions of the games of the year. And that figure's only going to climb over the next few weeks ahead of the event itself in October. We're sure the prospect of winning an Alienware gaming PC and a bunch of goodies has nothing to do with it.

* Not really. It's money.


Who? EA
Why? Syndicate's back. Yes.

One of the true gaming greats returns. Don't balls it up, EA. Please, please, please don't balls it up.



Who? Nintendo
Why? More 3DS pain

As if upsettingly low sales figures weren't bad enough, this week, the Japanese giant's investors were left unimpressed by its latest software announcements - and its share price dipped even further. More Mario/Zelda/Metroid/Pikmin less rubbish new 3DS colours. It's not rocket science, surely?

Fingers crossed Iwata et al come good eventually. 3DS is a great bit of kit, but without the software, it's only ever going to lose ground. Pop fact: More games were sold on DS at retail in Jan-Sep 2010 than in the same period on DS AND 3DS in 2011. Not pretty.


Who? Xbox Live
Why? OMG!!! WHERE HAVE YOU GONE?!?!?!? Oh, there you are.

We don't pay much for Xbox Live every year, and by and large, we think it - like PSN, angry types - offers pretty darn fine value.

But when it goes down for literally almost two hours while we're at work. Well, that's just not on. Okay, so we weren't actually on it at the time. But someone was. And that person should really be back at school by now - not taking a FIFA 12 demo break.


Who? Tomonobu Itagaki
Why? A second no-show in a row

Love him or hate him, you have an opinion about him. And that's what makes Itagaki-san such a special breed in video games. He's off the wall and egocentric - but he's made some corking software in his time.

With Devil's Third, he might just have made the best yet. A frantic, frenzied action shooter, we can't wait to get our hands on it. We thought that would happen at E3, but it didn't arrive. Itagaki himself told us to wait for some "cool stuff" at TGS. We did, but couldn't see it anywhere.

The man's a legend. He wears some darn cool shades. But we just want to play his game now.