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Metal Gear Solid HD trailer is epic fail

Konami shows how not to play the game

Interesting tactic; release a gameplay video of someone totally screwing up in your game. We've not seen that one before.


Konami's done it though. The first video below is of MGS: Peace Walker HD - a rezzed-up version of the PSP game included in the Metal Gear Solid HD Edition Collection on PS3 - being played by someone who hasn't a clue how to play MGS games.

He runs around for a minute in plain sight of enemy soldiers before the obvious happens.

The second video is more the type of trailer you'd expect, but that's so last century. We want more official epic fail trailers.

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Konami confirmed last week that Metal Gear Solid HD Edition will be available in Japan from November 23, with the seperate (Japan-only) HD conversion of Peace Walker releasing a little earlier on November 10.