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PlayStation Vita is region free

Will you import from Japan in time for Christmas?

The PlayStation Vita is region free.


The news was confirmed by Sony's Shuhei Yoshida over the weekend via Twitter.

The president of Worldwide Studios at Sony Computer Entertainment simply said "Yes it is" when asked whether or not the new handheld would be unlocked across regions.

It's confirmation after Sony's Michael Denny said the Vita would be region free 'to the best of his knowledge back in June.

It means that you'll be able to import games from the US or even Japanese only games and they'll work on your Vita without a problem.

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What's more exciting is that it allows for EU gamers to buy in a Japanese handset when it releases on December 17.

There hasn't been a Vita release date outside of Japan yet so those of you itching to get going might want to take that option.

[ SOURCE: Yoshida on Twitter ]