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Devil's Third 'too early' for TGS, but 'not delayed'

Itagaki explains Tokyo no-show

Last week CVG reported that Ninja Gaiden creator Tomonobu Itagaki had quietly skipped showing off his THQ action game Devil's Third to the public at Tokyo Game Show, despite promising he would just three months prior. Now, the DOA man has explained why.

Discussing the no-show with Japanese mag Famitsu, the Dead or Alive creator said a last minute meeting with THQ determined that Devil's Third was simply "too early" to show off at the Japanese show.


Andriasang reports: "Itagaki admitted that he'd promised during E3 an update on Devil's Third at TGS. However, during meetings with THQ earlier this month, they determined that it was too early to show the game. The game is not delayed, though."

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Devil's Third was unveiled with a trailer back in June last year.

Since then the game's been confirmed as a 3D title, but we may not see it until 2013.