OnLive ready to come out 'guns blazing' in UK

Early US launch has ensured "robust platform" for Britain, claims VP

Ambitious cloud gaming service OnLive is ready to come out "guns blazing" when it launches in the UK this Thursday, September 22, thanks to the "robust platform" its developed for over a year in the US.


That's according to the platform's VP of Games & Media John Spinale, who told CVG that where as the service "limped out" in the US with basic functions, UK customers will receive a far more complete service later this week.

"We haven't really talked about OnLive much in the UK yet so I don't think we deserve any credit, but soon hopefully we'll get some good reactions," he said in a recent interview.

"We started off in the US with a soft launch. We did some PR and said 'hey, this is neat and revolutionary technology', but we didn't really market or push it hard because we were still developing what it was.

"We limped out with the fundamental architecture... but we didn't have a fully robust feature set that gets everybody excited," the exec added.

"Now we have a really robust platform so we have the ability to come out guns blazing in the UK and show everybody the opportunity is huge.

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"We've put [everything] together over the course of the last year and there's a library of games and a really cool feature set that other platforms can't do, such as the fact that you're playing super high-end games on a tablet for example."

In the UK, BT has the exclusive rights to bundle OnLive together with its broadband service offerings, although customers will also have the option to order directly from OnLive to run over any UK ISP.

Alongside its streaming platform, OnLive is promising "over 100 top-tier games instantly available for play via almost any broadband Internet connection throughout the UK on HDTV, PC, Mac, and iPad and Android tablets."

Membership is free, along with free access to demos for all games, exclusive mass spectator features and voice chat during any live game in play on OnLive-whether in the UK or around the world.

If you're interested, you can sign up for free at, and get priority access on the launch date with almost any PC or Mac via a small browser download, a free app on the iPad or Android tablet, or on any HDTV via the OnLive Game System.