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3DS Cut the Rope is ludicrously expensive

iPhone hit costs almost 7 times more on Nintendo eShop

Nintendo has released the latest batch of digital titles for 3DS and DSi, and the list should cause some controversy in the comments threads.


Although the headliner is TwinBee, a cute-em-up shooter in which you "defend Donburi Island against King Spice's minions", we can't help but notice how hugely expensive iPhone hit 'Cut the Rope' is compared to its App Store cousin.

To put it into perspective the game is available on Apple's Store for 69p. On Nintendo's eStore it's priced at a whopping 500 Nintendo DSi Points, that's around £4.50. Poor show, Chillingo/Nintendo (or whoever's responsible).

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Here's the weekly update in full:

  • 3D Classics TwinBee: Nintendo 3DS - €5
  • Anonymous Notes Chapter 2 - From The Abyss: Nintendo 3DS, DSiWare - €2, 200 Points
  • Cut The Rope: Nintendo 3DS, DSiWare - €5, 500 Points
  • 101-in-1 Explosive Megamix: WiiWare - 700 Wii Points

Last week's update included 3D Pixel Racing.