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Megan Fox has a funny Gamertag... and Xbox Live has no idea it's mocking her

Transformers actress shares her Halo secret

Played Halo Reach recently? Remember that brief spot of cyber-bullying you contributed to, when the female Spartan with the funny Gamertag piped up over the mic? The one with the sexy California accent?

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Yep, you just ruined your chances of getting a friend invite from Megan Fox.

"I have Halo: Reach, but I am playing online. I don't really play in story mode anymore," the Transformers actress confessed to Collider.

"[Xbox Live players] have no idea. They make fun of my gamer tag too because it is funny. And they are all a bunch of guys and it is clear that I am a girl so they make fun of my name, and they have no idea they are making fun of me," she added.

"You can ask my husband... I have a complete addiction to that game. It is sick."

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Keen followers of The Fox - as she's known in the CVG office - will already know she enjoys a spot of gaming and even took on contenders on Transformers: Revenge of the fallen via Xbox Live in 2009.

She's also long been rumoured to be starring in a new Tomb Raider film, though that one's probably old enough to put to bed now.

Remember, ladies and gents; the next time a glam-sounding lady joins your fire team... don't take the Mickey out of her handle. She might be a Hollywood star (and a valuable contact for late night FIFA).

[ SOURCE: Collider ]