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Resident Evil Revelations: The most impressive game on the 3DS?

Snow limits...

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Revelations takes place between Resi 4 and 5, and concerns the founding of the B.S.A.A.3 - Chris and Jill's new monsterhunting club. Chris, Jill, Jessica and Parker all appear to be members. You'll play as the Resi 1 veterans for the majority of the game, but there will be other playable characters too. The same goes for additional locations - it's not just restricted to the ship and snowy settings we've seen already.

As for the enemies you'll face along the way - well, the human ones pulling the strings anyway - they're a terrorist organisation known as Veltro. One of their members looks like Resi 2's secret mercenary character Hunk, and they're involved in some sort of 'resurrection' - that's as much as we have to go on at the moment.


What really stood out to us when playing both the previous demo and this one is just how much Revelations feels like a proper Resi title. Everything you'd expect from the series is included, from tense monster-slayage to ridiculous B-movie dialogue - and none of it appears to have been watered down on the treacherous journey to handheld-land.

If you're a die-hard Resident Evil fan and you haven't bought a 3DS yet, it's going to be increasingly difficult to resist as Revelations draws near

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