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Gears of War 3 review: Epic finale or out with a whimper?

Debate: 360 contender is on the streets - Give us your verdict...

We posted our Gears of War 3 review five days ago, slapping a 9/10 score at the bottom and calling it "Epic at its unsurprising best".


Now Gears of War 3 is sitting firmly on shelves and, probably, inside a lot of your consoles as well.

We know you were all off sick yesterday, and probably need at least one more day to fully recover.

We can feel the nation's infrastructure creaking at the joints. But hopefully you've mustered the strength to fall out of bed, writhe across to the 360, prod it to life and play the hell out of Gears of War 3.

If you have, well done, you'll be back in work before you know it. Until then though, if you can manage to prop your head up for a minute, we want your thoughts on Epic's conclusion its famous trilogy.

Is it a fitting end to the story? Does it live up to the hype and, most importantly, did we get it right?

We praised Gears of War 3 for its more personal story, which had some real emotional depth to it but said that the campaign can ultimately feel a bit familiar.

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You're probably not too far into the single-player offering just yet (what with the immobilising shooting pains and face-consuming mucus) but give us your impressions on the narrative so far. Does it provide more weight than previous editions?

Even if you are finding Gears 3's campaign a bit too familiar, worry not, we applauded the online modes for quality that is sure to swat away any single-player dissatisfaction you might have.

"These truly are benchmark online modes and more than make up for the occasional feeling of staleness you'll encounter in the single-player campaign," we said.

"And that's without acknowledging that compared to other titles Gears of War 3 absolutely oozes with quality regardless."

Now it's your turn. Does Gears of War 3 deserve the high scores? Is it the gaming highlight most critics have made it out to be?