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Vita and PSP get cross-platform multiplayer

Ad-hoc multiplayer available with PSP games on Vita

Sony's two handhelds, the upcoming PlayStation Vita and the PSP will be cross-platform compatible.

That means if a Vita player downloads a PSP title onto his or her new handheld via PSN, he or she will be able to embark on some ad-hoc multiplayer adventures with a PSP owning friend.

The merging of old and new appears to be confirmed on a Japanese Sony site carrying the illustrative image you can see to the left.

Translated (sort of) the page confirms, "The PS Vita, can be downloaded from PlayStation Store and play even PSP Game."

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"Enjoy your favourite game with bright graphics, 5 inches clear of the organic EL display.

"If you install the same game on PSP and PS Vita For example, communication can play in ad hoc mode beyond the wall hard! Wider range of play."

There'll be a whole lot of freedom for Vita gamers, it seems. The new handheld was confirmed to be region free at the beginning of the week.

[ SOURCE: Sony Japan ]