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Gaming's most dysfunctional families

A round-up of the nuttiest families gaming has to offer...

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As seen in Tekken series
Format PS2 / PS3, Xbox 360
Tekken's Heihachi Mishima is not a nice man. He throws his son Kazuya over a cliff when he's only little, and then into a volcano once he's grown up. Then there are Jin and Lee, his two other sons, who have - perhaps understandably given their dad's behaviour - established an unhealthy obsession with beating up their own family. Heihachi has an ace up his sleeve, though, in the shape of his bodyguard - a massive, slavering, bloodthirsty bear. Don't look at us like that, we don't write this rubbish.

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As seen in Bayonetta
Format PS3
Bayonetta - mum, if you can call her that - is a witch. Her daughter Cereza doesn't exist at the start of the game but flashes into existence aged about six. Then there's Baldur, a crackpot and demigod - oh, and Bayonetta's dad. Not only has he created Cereza by kidnapping a younger version of Bayonetta - yes, she is her own daughter - and bringing her to the present day, he also wants to destroy the universe. We'd just strike him off the Christmas card list, but Bayo chooses to give him a good thrashing instead.

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As seen in Heavy Rain
Format PS3
In one of gaming's less uplifting opening segments, Heavy Rain's Jason Mars is hit by a car and dies. Then his brother Shaun turns into a complete brat and gets kidnapped by an asthmatic fake detective. Dad Ethan, meanwhile, has blackouts and thinks a locked part of his mind has set him a stack of trials with which to demonstrate his 'dad worth' - most of them seem to involve lacerating or electrocuting himself. There are special clubs to visit if you're into that sort of thing, Ethan - err, apparently.

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