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Dragon Age 2: Legacy

Unearth the hero's history - by killing loads of stuff...

Unlike its 100+ hour predecessor Dragon Age 2 has been gagging for decent DLC from day one. While the Exiled Prince only offered a new character and some pedestrian quests, Legacy takes you completely out of Kirkwall and into a magical, Dark Spawn-infested tower.

It's a change of pace, if not a significant change of colour palette, and the good news is that you can tackle it separately from the main game by accessing a weird statue in Hawke's home.

It all starts with the Carta - the group of mercenary dwarves who occasionally show up to give Hawke grief during the main game. Turns out there's motivation for their seemingly indiscriminate violence: they need Hawke's blood for... Well, that would be telling.


The end result is a lot of fighting, and not so many moral choices. The game's biggest strength may be its combat, but we'd have loved a few more fiendish moral grey areas to ponder.

The kit you get for blasting through this 4-5 hour slice is the highlight. The base level stuff is good (Junk fans will be pleased to hear there are new, throwaway items to find, including stale biscuits), the mid-DLC quest items are super-powered, and the weapon Hawke 'builds' - the Key - is awesome.

At certain points in the quest you come across seals, which allow you to imbue your weapon with a choice of four effects. Three seals later, you have a brutal instrument of death. There are new enemies to scrap too, the highlight being the Genlock Alpha, which carries a massive shield that forces you to think about how to flank it.

But does all this add up to 800MS Points' worth of value? If you genuinely love Dragon Age 2, then yes, and it's a great chance to spend time with one of Hawke's siblings It's unlikely to win over the hardcore crowd who derided the sequel - and it's poorer value than Awakening. But it adds an extra dimension.

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The verdict

A little short and lighter on moral choices than we'd like, but the killer loot and smart new enemies make up for its shortcomings

  • New enemies to kill
  • Great loot
  • Short
Xbox 360