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Battlefield 3 tops 1.5 million pre-orders

Bonus map pack "a big incentive for customers to pre-order", analyst reckons

Pre-orders for Battlefield 3 have surpassed 1.5 million units, according to Sterne Agee analyst Arvind Bhatia.


That's 250,000 more than the 1.25 million EA CFO Eric Brown reported earlier this month, which he said was already "well ahead of its predecessor title, Battlefield: Bad Company 2, in regards to pre-orders in the same number of weeks till launch".

Bhatia suggested Battlefield 3 will eventually sell more copies than Bad Company 2's 9.5 million, Gamasutra reports.

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"Note that BF3 will include a map pack if the game is pre-ordered," he added. "This $15 to $20 value should be a big incentive for customers to pre-order BF3."

EA said yesterday that the Battlefield 3 beta will be open to all Xbox 360, PS3 and PC gamers from September 29.

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