X-Men: Destiny: Should we be concerned for Silicon Knight's super RPG?

Hands-On has us hoping for a Marvel legend...

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Aimee is able to dish out light and heavy attacks with delayed button inputs altering the timing of each attacks, resulting in various combo strings. For the most part her powers are automatically integrated into these combos, but every so often she throws out a wave of dark energy to push enemies back or launch them into the air with a swing of her arm.

Defence is equally basic and boils down to either blocking or dodge-rolling out of the way of incoming attacks. Executing combos fills a meter which allows you to unleash your full mutant powers and make use of more abilities. Since our demo encompassed the opening moments of the game we didn't have much of the abilities unlocked beyond a pretty cool homing flip kick.

X-Men: Destiny certainly isn't shy about throwing in famous mutant faces. During our short gameplay session we get face time with Cyclops, Emma Frost, Quicksilver and Toad. X-Men: Destiny allows players to define their character alignment by choosing to side with either the X-Men or Magneto's Brotherhood of Mutants and doing missions for them.


Worryingly most of the missions in the demo boiled down to killing a specified number of enemies and then reporting to a checkpoint. It's a little disconcerting to have every mission boil down to mindless button mashing but we're hoping the later missions aren't cut from the same cloth.

It's clear that most of the appeal of X-Men: Legacy is in fan service. The fact that we're still quite eager to play more despite the unexciting opening segments is proof of that. While it's pretty evident that the core gameplay mechanics won't amaze we've got our fingers crossed for a decent superhero yarn and a few memorable missions.

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