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FIFA 12 review: Does it make an Impact?

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When the Whistle Blows
When it comes to 3pm on a Saturday afternoon FIFA shines like no other. Last year we said that EA Sports had reached a pinnacle in football simulation, and rather than attempting to build on the impossible it's been brave and steered slightly in a different direction.

FIFA 12 isn't the total reinvention some expected just yet (and we're not sure real FIFA fans would want it to be) but this year's additions are certainly more than just updates of the same old features and they're the most significant we've seen in years.

FIFA has more character, depth and tactical weight than ever before, and with the new physics engine and tackling system comes promise for the future.


Refs, occasional oddness and Evra head stomps show the Impact Engine isn't the 100% finished article, but we're excited to see how it evolves in this new strain of strategic, physical and personality-plump FIFA.

The great Jose Mourinho once made some rambling analogy about good eggs making great omelettes. In this case, however, the more recognised mantra of not being able to make an omelette without breaking a few eggs is far more relevant.

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The verdict

A more charismatic, tactical FIFA that's finally taking steps in a new direction.

  • The same winning FIFA core
  • Defending is more strategic
  • Physics engine adds weight and tactical significance
  • Real physics sometimes create farce
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