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Ninja Theory confirms no work on Enslaved 2

'Enslaved should've done better, DMC gives us another chance'

UK-based DMC developer Ninja Theory has confirmed it has shelved any plans to work on a sequel to its critically acclaimed adventure game Enslaved.


Speaking in the latest issue of Edge, studio co-founder Tameem Antoniades admitted the Namco Bandai title should've performed better at retail, though he's glad the studio has "another chance" with its take on Capcom's Devil May Cry.

"Enslaved should have done better," he told Edge. "Right now we should have been doing a sequel and perfecting that sequel and doing what franchises do, which is get better over time.

"[But] because that didn't happen we've not expanded to two teams like we intended to. So we've remained a smaller shop. But now we get another chance with DMC."

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Despite the critical praise for the title, it never hit blockbuster status at retail, selling only 730,000 copies as of May 2011. Still, that should cover the Andy Serkis fee.

Asked by CVG if he was holding anything back for a sequel, Antoniades told us last year he wasn't automatically assuming there'd be a follow-up. Now we aren't either.

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