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'It's little wonder Kinect is gathering dust'

Mailbox: Microsoft's motion controller 'needs to play to its strengths'...

Last week a keen Trophy collector cried into an envelope about online tasks set by developers and popped it in the post.

This week our Mailbox comes from Xbox World reader 'Darren' who thinks Kinect is a great bit of kit but it needs to start playing to its strengths.

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"Kinect is a great piece of technology, but its little wonder it's gathering dust. Microsoft's attempts at reaching the core gamer with voice recognition and squad commands in the likes of Mass Effect 3 isn't some kind of revolution - it was available via a headset in PS2 games like SOCOM! Surely these features are already possible on the 360 with a headset, so why would you need a Kinect?

Kinect should play to its strengths, utilising its motion tracking, and enable core gamers to do something above and beyond what they can at the moment. And, no, not like Ghost Recon: Future Soldier. Their Kinect-controlled Gunsmith mode is an attempt to shoehorn in compatibility that adds zero value to the actual, core gameplay..."

Xbox World says: Strong words, Darren Of-No-Second-Name... but words of truth that Tim echoes over on page 42. As a piece of kit, Kinect's abilities are undoubted, but it'll remain a one-trick pony as long as core developers are reticent to commit to it.

CVG says: We share your praise for Kinect as a technical achievement, Darren. We also agree that the proof is in the innovation pudding, which is still yet to emerge from the fridge.

However, it is still early days for Kinect. More and more developers are taking an interest which means that more and more new ideas will start to be thrown around. It'll only take one to hit the bullseye for everyone to want a slice of the pie.

Can you tell we're hungry?

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