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Download FIFA 12 on Xbox Live TOMORROW... if you're an EA subscriber

Season Ticket members get game early

FIFA 12 isn't out in the UK until next Friday, September 30, but if you're a paying EA Season Ticket subscriber you'll be able to download and play this year's instalment Tomorrow on Xbox Live.

As of tomorrow night at 6pm Central European Time, the game will be available to download for Xbox 360 users, EA's confirmed.

The EA Season Ticket costs 2100 Microsoft Points - around £17.13.

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Season Ticket holders will also gain exclusive access to the first EA Sports Football Club Challenge, which in this instance offers the chance to rewrite history and take control of Chelsea in an effort to avoid the recent 3-1 defeat at the hands of Manchester United.


The Challenge will only be available until Friday September 30.

Instructions on how to download FIFA 12 are as follows:

  • Step 1: Install the EA SPORTS App, then launch it by selecting "Play Game" from your Game Library.
    Step 2: The EA SPORTS App counts down to the Early Release availability in real-time, starting seven days before retail availability. Note that the exact day and time varies per region.
    Step 3: When the countdown timer reaches zero, the menu will update with a "Download" option. You will need to confirm the download from the Xbox 360 Guide.
    Step 4: If you have not already purchased an EA SPORTS Season Ticket you will be prompted to purchase before you can download an Early Release game.
    Step 5: Once you have started the Early Release download, you can exit the EA SPORTS App without interrupting the download. Just don't power off your Xbox 360 or disconnect from Xbox LIVE. Be aware that other actions (e.g. attempting to play a different game) might pause the download.
    Step 6: Once the Early Release finishes downloading you can launch it from your Game Library.
    Step 7: Once an Early Release has been made available for download, the EA SPORTS App menu updates to count down the time remaining before that Early Release becomes unavailable for download.

    Please Note: Please note the large file size and expect your download to take the appropriate time to download (approximately five hours for most connections).