Canned Aliens RPG concept art

A look at what might have been from the Obsidian and Sega game

Concept art from the cancelled Aliens RPG has emerged, showing off a range of environments that could have featured in the game.


Planned as a third-person action RPG for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC, the title was in the works at Obsidian and was due to be published by Sega, but we never got to hear much about between its announcement and subsequent cancellation.

Some footage from an early pre-production build leaked, and Obsidian later said the game was pretty much ready to ship when it got the chop.

The art below was created for the project by Charles Lee (via Kotaku), who has also been credited on the likes of God of War, Dungeon Siege III, Lair, SOCOM 4 and Twisted Metal Black.

[ SOURCE: Kotaku ]