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FIFA 12 review: Early birds give us your verdict

Read our review, then give us your own

You've already read our FIFA 12 review, haven't you? Of course you have. Why are we even asking?


Now, FIFA 12 isn't out in the UK until next Friday, September 30, but if you're a paying EA Season Ticket subscriber you'll be able to download and play this year's instalment this evening.

Kick off is at 5 pm, at which point the game will be available to download for Xbox 360 users.

The EA Season Ticket costs 2100 Microsoft Points - around £17.13.

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Everything you need to know can be found here so, when the time comes, make sure you snap up your FIFA 12 download.

When you do finally have access to FIFA 12 we want to know what you think. Does it top last years? Are the changes really revolutionary? Can you get the hang of that tough tackling system?

As early birds you're in a very privileged position, share the love and give your fellow CVG readers a heads up.