FIFA 12 demo glitches causing YouTube stir

EA Sports once again the target of rampant glitch videos

The first reviews of FIFA 12, including ours, are full of praise for FIFA 12, but the same cannot be said for glitch videos on YouTube which are in the millions of views.


One video in particular, titled 'FIFA 12 Demo Impact Engine Fail' (below), has hit 1.6 million views at the time of posting, highlighting a number of the new physics engine's trip ups.

The storm being stirred up by this and numerous other high-view-count videos of a similar content is reminiscent of the reception received by the NBA Elite 11 demo, which got a severe panning by those who downloaded it before the title was disastrously canned forcing EA to sit out of the NBA sim market this year.

But FIFA 12 is far from that disaster. CVG acknowledged the ambitious new Impact Engine's trip-ups in our FIFA 12 review, noting "the occasional Laurel and Hardy moment in the box, when players trip over their downed teammates and flop face-to-arse to the floor."

But as reviewer Tom Pakinkis goes on to state: "FIFA 12's physics engine does substantially more good than harm," adding, "Any moments of farce are infrequent enough to be forgiven and - from a pure enjoyment point of view - only adds to the banter between mates."

If anything, check out the video below with a view of its comedy, rather than a reason not to buy what is undoubtedly a stunning football sim.

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[ SOURCE: Via Kotaku ]