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FIFA 12 midnight launch detailed by GAME

3D TVs up for grabs as FIFA 12 jogs onto the pitch

FIFA 12 will arrive in the UK on Friday September 30 and, as you'd expect, GAME is opening its doors at midnight on Thursday to celebrate the launch.


We'll see 243 GAME and 165 gamestation stores open up across the country for the coming of EA Sports' latest football sim.

GAME's flagship store on Oxford Street will be hosting the official UK midnight launch, where the first person to buy the new release will net a brand new LG 3D LED Monitor TV.

Three more LG 3D LED Monitor TV's will also be up for grabs for the rest of the late night footie fans.

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"With over 400 stores opening at midnight to celebrate the launch of FIFA 12, we're kitting up for an evening of football fun across the country,"said marketing director at GAME and gamestation Anna-Marie Mason.

"FIFA has proven year in, year out to be a hit with customers and we're thrilled to be giving fans the earliest chance to pick up a copy.''