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FIFA flashbacks...

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Then you can add to this the chance to compete in every official domestic tournament you could possibly dream of, from the Johnstone's Paint Trophy to the Mexican Primera División, plus quick play modes for both the street soccer and 11-a-side games for up to four players. There's no questioning FIFA 12's pounds-per-hour value.

Gameplay-wise, street soccer remains the place for silly tricks, powerups and outlandish goals while 11-a-side is more rooted in the real game. Either way, button positioning means the control scheme gets fiddly when you try and pull off more advanced moves, but there's fun to be had without finger-contortions. A range of difficulty and control settings means FIFA 12 is open to all.


We'll be placing this review in cryogenic storage to be revived in five or six years when FIFA 2017 is marking the series' fifth appearance on Wii U. Change a few of the game mode titles and we're sure it'll suffice. Easy money. A bit like EA are making with FIFA 12.

For more verdicts on this year's FIFA have a read of the CVG FIFA 12 review as well as OXM's FIFA 12 review.

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The verdict

With Wii U around the corner, FIFA 12 on Wii was never going to be a revolution. The new FIFA City mode is just wallpaper for what's just FIFA 11 in new clothes

  • 'Caricature' style
  • SFX and tunes are good though
  • The odd new special move
  • Only the big names look decent
  • Tyldesley and Townsend on commentary
  • Identical to last year
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