BioWare 'still passionate about Jade Empire'

Studio says it hasn't forgotten about the series

BioWare co-founder Ray Muzyka has assured gamers the developer hasn't forgotten about fan-favourite action RPG series Jade Empire.


Although it may feel as if the studio has abandoned it in favour of Mass Effect, which has greater mainstream appeal, according to Muzyka, discussions relating to the series have been ongoing over the last few years.

"We've been talking a lot about that actually on and off over the years," he told Eurogamer, "It's an IP, it's a setting that we're really passionate about, and we still are. Both [co-founder] Greg [Zeschuk] and I were big believers in the IP".

He went on to say they're looking into "the right way to deploy it", teasing the possibility of the series returning in the future.

"We have a lot of different projects now on a lot of different platforms, and you might see some of that [Jade Empire] in the future. You never know... it is a franchise that's near and dear to us."

Over the weekend BioWare confirmed a December launch for Star Wars: The Old Republic.

[ SOURCE: Eurogamer ]