Valve: We called police over Episode 3 protest... and they joined in

How many protestors could force Half-Life reveal? Newell jokes: "We could find out..."

Valve boss Gabe Newell has invited more Half-Life 2: Episode Three protestors to campaign outside his office, after a handful of fans turned up on the studio's doorstep wielding picket signs last month.


Speaking in a super-sized interview in the latest issue of PC Gamer UK, Newell recalled that when the police became involved following a phone call from another resident, the visiting officer jokingly offered to join in their Half-Life campaign.

"We thought it was awesome. We wanted them to stay," he explained. "We took them pizza - they'd only brought two sodas and they were planning on being out there for two days. They were very nice and very passionate about our games.

"At one point, somebody else in our building called the police and we were worried, but it turned out the police officer was a huge Team Fortress fan. He's like: "Oh yeah, I totally understand, let me go get my sign!"

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Valve even gave the handful of attendees a tour of their office, before they all went back outside and carried on campaigning, according to Newell.

Asked how many protestors it'd take for us to finally get some Episode 3 news, however, Newell told PCG: "I don't know, but if they'd like to come out, we could find out."

We're packing our pickets already...

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[ SOURCE: Picture: Kotaku ]