House of the Dead Overkill PS3 does 3D on normal TVs

3D of the anaglyphic kind, though

Don't have a seventeen bedroom house, a Ferrari and a 3D TV? It's okay because normal people can play House of the Dead Overkill on PS3 in 3D too. Albeit with a little discolouration.


The 'Extended Cut' PS3 edition of the lightgun shooter will feature support for anaglyphic 3D. You know- the red-cyan system magazines used to use back in the '80s and '90s.

Sega describes it as "the full 1970s grindhouse experience", in line with the grindhouse tone of the game, and the paper glasses required for the effect will be included in the box of launch-day European copies of the game (soz, US folk, you'll have to get your own) "subject to availability and limited stock".

This comes in addition to the full stereoscopic support it has (both active and passive) for people with a TV worth more than their car.

If you have a pair of the red-cyan glasses kicking around check out these 3D screenshots.