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PSN offline again tonight for maintenance

Service unavailable from 5-9pm unless you're already signed in

Four hours of PlayStation Network maintenance is scheduled to take place tonight, which is sure to disappoint gamers eager to jump on the Battlefield 3 beta after work.


Sony says the maintenance will take place from 5-9pm British Standard Time, during which time the PSN will be unavailable. The work will affect the following PSN services:

  • PlayStation Store
  • Account Registration
  • Account Management

If you attempt to sign in to the PSN during the downtime you will be presented with the site maintenance notification page. On the plus side, if you can sign in before the work kicks off "then you should remain signed in and be able to continue with your gaming session (although the above services will be unavailable)".

PSN was offline for an hour on Monday and for six hours earlier this month for scheduled maintenance. It also went down for a number of hours last Wednesday without explanation.

The downtime's a nuisance, but if it helps keep the PSN "more secure and better than ever", as Sony CEO Howard Stringer says it is, then perhaps it's a necessary annoyance.

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