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Pre-order Batman: Arkham City and get a free OnLive console

Or a free game instead

Newly launched cloud gaming service OnLive is offering those who pre-order Batman: Arkham City a free OnLive console.


Arkham City is priced at £39.99 on the service, but it's available for £27 to those who have membership to the OnLive PlayPack package. The console has a retail value of £69.99 and allows the service to be used on high-definition TVs.

Alternatively, you can opt to receive a free game instead of the console, in which case you'll be sent a coupon code via e-mail when you complete your Arkham City pre-order.

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OnLive's VP of games John Spinale told CVG this month it'll take at least one console cycle before cloud gaming takes significant market share from PlayStation and Xbox.

He also said next-generation quality game visuals are already possible on the cloud gaming service - and showed off a video to prove it.

[ SOURCE: OnLive Blog ]