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BioWare: Dragon Age 2 fan reaction 'caught us off-guard'

Developer 'delighted' by new fanbase - but aware of criticism from core

BioWare has admitted that a mixed reaction to Dragon Age 2 from the series core fans caught the firm "off-guard" - despite being pleased with the size of new audience the game accrued.

DA2 was criticised in some quarters for being dumbed down in comparison to its RPG predecessor, which led to fans "bombing" Metacritic with poor user scores.

"Our goal is to take all the feedback we get on any of our franchises and use it to make the next game in the franchise better," BioWare co-founder Ray Muzyka told Xbox World magazine in a new interview.

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"Dragon Age 2 was incredibly polarising and it caught us off-guard, honestly. It appealed to a new fanbase and we were delighted by that, but we've heard fans who wanted more of the Origins experience. We have to take all that feedback and find a way to marry those together, so we can bring everyone on the journey with us."

BioWare is currently preparing for the release of Mass Effect 3 and Star Wars: The Old Republic later this year.