Skyward Sword: An adventure 25 years in the making

Taking to the skies with Link in this huge preview...

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Arguably, Fujibayashi's Spirit Tracks boasts the best writing to date - it actually allowed Zelda to be a proper character - and we can't wait to see that mentality manifest itself on this grander Wii canvas.

Like the best birthday bashes, Skyward Sword finds time to both fondly reminisce and take stock of the future. There's a Stalfos by the punch bowl, and Keese tangled in the paper chains. "Remember when we were 8-bit?" Link laughs as he stabs them up with 21st Century motion finesse.

A Goron wrecks our Dance Dance Revolution mat, but he's brought an adorable new race of Ghibli-influenced birds with him, so that's okay. Above the mantelpiece sits the Master Sword; the oldest widow-maker in the business doesn't look a day over one. We are, after all, gathered here to find out how it was forged.


Skyward Sword is an accumulation of all that came before it. Familiarity doesn't breed contempt, but gives us the strongest foundation to build upon. Link's trip to this radically altered Hyrule is an adventure 25 years in the making, in the same way that his Wii U debut will be 30 years in the making. Based on what we've seen, 18 November sees Link's birthday arrive in style, and our Christmas come early.

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