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New Xbox 360 Dashboard tipped for November release

PayPal internal emails could have spilled the virtual beans

The new Xbox 360 Dashboard will be released on November 15.


That's if reports of an internal email sent to PayPal employees are anything to go by.

The email asked PayPal staff to test the payment service and pointed to the above date as the roll out point for the new menu system.

PayPal was introduced for Xbox Live back in May. The new Dashboard will bring voice control, but Microsoft has also said that the update will improve the controller experience as well.

Xbox Live's senior director Jose Pinero told CVG, "Making sure we've got great content for both audiences in a combined platform is a big challenge. I think the new dashboard is still super-fast to navigate around."

Microsoft's official philosophy for the new dash is "all the entertainment you want, with the people you care about, made easy." See it in action here.

[ SOURCE: Kotaku ]