FIFA 12 review round-up in full

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Now that FIFA 12 is out you'll be wanting to know if it's worth your time and more importantly your hard-earned money.


If you read our FIFA 12 review you'll know we think FIFA 12 is well worth it, we gave it 9.3 and called it "a more charismatic, tactical FIFA that's finally taking steps in a new direction".

First up is OXM which it gives the game 9/10 and says it's "the best sports sim ever" thanks to its skill-driven tackling, new realistic physics engine and excellent online modes.

OXM US agrees and also awards it 9/10, saying that EA has done the most popular sport in the world justice by "improving virtually every aspect of last year's game".

The Telegraph opts for 5/5. It says although there "may be teething problems in adjusting to its nuances" and admitted "there's certainly room for refinement" overall "FIFA 12 is unquestionably a change for the better".

Game Informer also goes with a 9/10 and says the game "has progressed in key areas. It may not have that lethal finisher, but FIFA 12 is a top-flight club in fine form."

"Once again, Fifa redefines what we expect from a football sim. Improved defensive systems and physics, along with expanded game modes, result in an even more beautiful 'beautiful game.", says IncGamers in its 9/10 review.

Eurogamer continues the 9/10 trend and says "going back to previous entries in the series seems almost unimaginable" before calling FIFA 12 "another step closer to reality".

"I booted up FIFA 11 to gauge just how much has changed and the differences really are quite striking. The Tactical Defending feels entirely alien to begin with but stick with it and it makes FIFA 12 feel like a brand new, and more realistic football experience. The King is dead. Long live the King: FIFA 12," says VideoGamer's reviewer, before awarding it a 9/10.

IGN's score goes a little higher than the last few, gives EA's latest entry a 9.5/10 and says "FIFA 12 has not innovated simply for the sake of it. The gameplay innovations greatly improve the way FIFA plays. Matches unfold with a more authentic tempo, taking it much closer to the real thing."

GameTrailers' review sticks a 9.3 on FIFA 12 and praises the development team for taking "a rather risky adjustment to the core gameplay", a gamble which it says "has paid off in nearly every regard". "FIFA 12 the complete package. It's an addictive, entertaining, and downright awesome entry in the legendary FIFA franchise that fans of the sport simply shouldn't miss," it finishes.

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Gaming-Age sums up FIFA 12 with one word: "brilliant". It goes on to say that "it can't be denied that this year FIFA 12 is the best game of football around, American or European. EA Sports has revolutionized the sport again with FIFA 12 and for that we thank you".

GameSpot's verdict is a 9/10, "FIFA 12 is the definitive football game: challenging, addictive, and with more excellent features than ever before".

Continuing the praise The Guardian goes with 5/5. It says although it's "a game that isn't perfect, and that won't suit everyone" it "absolutely reeks of effort, of care, of love for the sport...with friends, with practice, with a will to re-think your approach to defence, Fifa is an absolute joy to play".

1UP adds to the outpouring of love with an A grade. The review dings the game for "awkward or buggy" moments the new collision system creates, "unrealistic movements", it goes on to say "FIFA 12 is a remarkable achievement. EA could have easily rested on its laurels, but instead decided to be ballsy and went about overhauling some fundamental gameplay mechanics in a game that was already garnering universal praise".

Lastly is GamePro, which goes with 5/5 and says "FIFA 12 is definitely a landmark sports game. Not only is it the greatest football game we've yet seen, it's a masterclass in how to capture the essence of a sport. From they way it looks to the way it makes you think about how you play the game, FIFA 12 is brilliant, through and through".

Let us know if you've got FIFA 12 and how you're getting on with it in the comments below.