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Syndicate is 'harder than a lot of games' - Starbreeze

New details reveal how the reboot will keep players on their toes

Starbreeze, the studio helming the upcoming Syndicate remake, has been talking up the difficult nature of the game in the latest issue of Xbox World.


Speaking to the mag, lead designer Rickard Johansson said the team's goal is to make the game "challenging. Not frustrating, but probably harder than a lot of games out there".

We'd like to draw Mr Johansson's attention to a little game called Dark Souls.

According to the Xbox World, the source of this challenge lies in Syndicate's AI, which "moves away from the lazy tactic of having respawning enemies to create a 'challenge'.

"Different Syndicates will behave very differently to each other, meaning you need to adapt to circumstances as you play," it explains. "Some will rely on tech, while others will be more aggressive and use brute force. Some work on a commander system, others co-ordinate on the fly... It looks impressive and could be a real asset for the final game."

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