Ubisoft, PSN and ITV are CVG's Heroes and Villains of the Week - 03/10/11

Our champs and chumps of the past seven days...

On a Friday evening we like to grab our favourite choice of beverage and reflect. Here are this week's CVG heroes and villains.

There's plenty to talk about from the last seven days, and while most of it is actually game related we've also been disgruntled by fast food vendors and even our own colleagues.

Make sure you're sitting comfortably then, and read on...


Who? EA
Why? For coping with Battlefield demand


The Battlefield 3 multiplayer beta has been absolutely everywhere this week, and despite the massive demand to try out this year's most hyped shooter, EA managed to get the trial going on three different platforms without a major hitch.

On Tuesday Origin players got access to the beta, followed by those who bought the Medal of Honor limited edition box. Then yesterday the general public gained access and despite the occasional matchmaking queue it all went smoothly.

Well done EA, here's hoping the launch goes without a hitch too.

Who? Tim Ingham
Why? Because he's our hero


Seemingly harmless midweek beverages descended into madness this week, as CVG's Ingham decided to pay a tribute to the Essex tradition of dropping his pint glass in the street, resulting in lots of noise, a huge mess and the landlord giving us very angry stares from the pub doorway.

But despite being hastily evicted from our much-loved local, fate has seen us discover an even better watering hole just a few streets away - it even serves cooking lager. Thanks Tim, you're the best.

Who? Ubisoft
Why? For actually bringing out I Am Alive


This week, long, long missing Ubisoft title, I Am Alive finally came out of hiding - and it's switched platforms to Xbox Live Arcade and PSN.

A new trailer accompanying the announcement shows the game's protagonist in a series of combat scenarios, as well as some platforming gameplay. It's not quite the setting we were promised - it looks more post-apocalyptic than immediately post-disaster - but it's great to finally see it planned for release this Winter.


Who? PSN
Why? How many times has it gone offline this month?


We hope Sony's planning to launch a totally revamped, incredible PSN shortly, because otherwise it's been taking the service offline for maintenance constantly, with seemingly no immediate benefit to gamers. In fact it's very annoying.

PSN was offline for an hour on Monday and for six hours earlier this month for scheduled maintenance. It also went down for a number of hours last Wednesday without explanation.

To make matters worse, just as the Battlefield 3 multiplayer beta went live yesterday evening, PSN was taken offline for maintenance yet again.

Sort it out, PSN server men.

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